Factors To Consider When Buying Washer And Dryer

Factors To Consider When Buying Washer And Dryer

If you’re thinking about buying a washer and dryer, there are many factors to consider. A washer/dryer combo unit can be more expensive than separate units. However, the convenience of not having to move clothes from one appliance to another may make up for the additional cost.

1. Price

A washer and dryer combination unit can cost more than separate units. The price varies based on the type of unit you buy, whether it’s freestanding or built-in, and other factors. A washer/dryer combo is typically 10% to 15% more expensive than separate models.

2. Efficiency

Standard washers use 3 to 5 gallons of water per load, while a front-load washer uses about 35%, according to Green Living Today. A front-load washer uses a minimum of twice as much water as a standard unit, which is why it’s considered more efficient.

3. Size

The size of the unit will determine how much space you can use for each appliance. The washer and dryer combination models are usually larger than their separate counterparts. A top-loading model will take up more space, while a front-load model will be more compact.

4. Additional features

Most washers and dryers come with additional features that help you get your clothes clean. The main features include a timer, water-level indication, temperature control, and a dryer vent. You might also want to consider the type of controls on the unit itself. For example, a front-load model has an outer dial to adjust wash cycles while a top-load model has a digital screen that displays cycles and information about them (like the time remaining for each cycle).

5. Customer reviews

Check out what other customers are saying about a washer and dryer combination unit. Reviews can give you an idea of how well the product works and whether it’s worth buying.

6. Installation

It might take professional assistance to install a large appliance like a washer/dryer combination unit. In some cases, you might be able to find installation packages for free or for a small fee. Read through reviews to learn more about the pros and cons of installation services from appliance stores, repairmen, or home improvement companies.

Do you want to buy a washer and dryer combo unit? Look at all of your options before you make a final decision. Your existing appliances can help you decide which model is best for your needs. A washer/dryer combo unit is simple to purchase and install, but it might be more expensive than separate machines. If the extra cost isn’t an issue, then buying a washer and dryer combo unit may be the right choice for you.