Tips On How To Buy The Best Coat Rack

Tips On How To Buy The Best Coat Rack

Coat rack is a word we use when describing a hanger in a coat closet. They are most often found on the back wall of the coat closet. Coat racks typically have hooks for coats, scarves, and hats on one side and shelves with pegs to hang purses, umbrellas, and other small items on the other side.

Tips on how to buy the best coat rack

1. Consider the material that will suit your purposes best: wood, metal, or plastic.

Wood coat racks are sturdy and long-lasting and can be painted or stained the color of your choice. Metal coat racks are sleek, modern looking and can be customized with details such as decorative scrolls or finials at the top of the hooks. Plastic coat racks that look like wood are also very common because they offer similar strength at an affordable price point.

2. Consider the shape of the coat rack, and what it will be used for.

A curved coat rack is ideal if you have tight space in your closet and want to maximize hanging space. Coat racks with two bars are great for hanging more items like hats and umbrellas. Three, four, or five bar coat racks are most common and are used to hang coats and jackets on one side, while smaller items like bags or umbrellas hang on the other side.

3. Choose a size that suits your needs.

If you live in a small apartment with limited closet space then a smaller, wall-mounted coat rack is the best choice for you. If you have a larger open space in your home, then a floor-standing coat rack that is freestanding and can be moved around the room depending on your needs is the best option.

4. Don’t forget to consider coat hangers.

There are many different style of hangers available for use with your coat rack. It is best to choose one that includes hooks on the end in addition to the traditional shoulders because this will help keep your items from falling off the hanger. A metal or metal-covered wooden hanger with clips and mouths will allow you to hang your clothes from the hooks quickly and easily.

5. Consider the size of the coat rack.

A smaller coat rack that is freestanding is ideal for smaller spaces where you want to store your items on either side of a wall. A floor-mounted coat rack is best for when you have a large space in your home, and you’d like to maximize the hanging space in your closet.